The following are the exclusive specialty ensembles Intrada Sound offers. With care and consideration, our engagement coordinator will assist you in creating the perfect musical experience guaranteed to enhance and complement your event, be it a substantial gathering or an intimate occasion. There is an Intrada Ensemble suitable for every occasion.

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Cello & violiin duoString Duo

We offer a string duo composed of a violin and a cello whose higher and lower voices enrich your gathering with beautiful harmonies.

Instrumental Duos

Our instrumental groups include a guitar and violin duo or a violin and piano duo.

Violin and guitar duo

Flute and Cello Duo

Flute and cello duoThis is a unique and elegant combination to enhance your event.

String Trio

In this trio of violin, viola, and cello, the viola adds a lovely mellow inner voice to the melodious ringing violin and the rich deep resonant cello voices.

String trio

Flute Trio

The voices of the flute, violin and cello blend beautifully together. The flute assumes the soprano role and complements the charming harmonies of the violin and cello.

Flute trio

String Quartet

The 2 violins, 1 viola, and 1 cello, represent the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices of this classic ensemble.

The string quartet is the jewel of chamber music. Extensive elegant and exquisite music has been written for the string quartet over the centuries.

String quartet

Chamber Orchestra

For your very special occasion we offer a chamber ensemble composed of 3 violins or more, 2 violas or more, 2 cellos or more, and 1 double bass.

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  Intrada Sound Artists


Piano trio

Intrada Sound fees are market based. Your quote will be based on two things.
1) number of musicians
2) length of performance
Our musicians live in and around Toronto and we are usually able to draw your performers from areas close to your venue. Occasionally that is not possible and a travel fee will then be applied.
Should you have any questions regarding which ensemble would best suit your occasion, our engagement coordinator will be readily available to discuss your ideas or to offer suggestions.
For a personal consultation or for answers to any questions you may have, please go to Bookings.

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